Our office has been serving the lower mainland for over 20 years and specializes in real estate conveyance. In our working history we have established an excellent reputation in the field, allowing us to handle a high volume of real estate related files each month, more than any other single legal representative in Vancouver. With a valuable combination of industry insight and experience we enjoy our reputation for being efficient, attentive, diligent and reliable.

Prior to practicing as a Notary Public, Pauline has had extensive experience working as a Bank Manager, both locally and overseas, and is therefore very comfortable in understanding and explaining a wide range of mortgage conditions and terms frequently present in banking paperwork. With a Masters Degree in Business Administration, credentials as a CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan) Arbitrator, and years of work in the financial field, Pauline can provide not only professional legal services, but also general business market advice to interested clients. During her initial years in becoming a Notary Public, Pauline also received the Dr. B.W. Hoeter Award from the Society of Notaries Public in recognition of receiving the highest marks in the notarial statutory exams. Her experience, education and background will ensure that you receive a concise, clear and knowledgeable explanation of any situation at hand.

Thanks to our reputation, reliability and professionalism in the financial field, we have frequently had the opportunity to be selected by major financial institutions to act on behalf of the banks' interest; an opportunity rarely provided to most notaries. To date, we continuously receive referrals from real estate agents, developers, lenders, overseas immigration agents, lawyers with specializations outside of real estate law, and, most importantly, from satisfied clients.

Our highly-recognized practice and connections have also afforded us a large network of international contacts that enable our clients to execute documents in numerous cities in Canada and around the world; e.g. Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Taipei, Singapore, to name a few. When discussing files with us where we would be preparing your documents, please inform us of your situation, and we shall do our very best to accommodate your circumstances.

Despite our breadth of experience and connections, our fees are known to be highly competitive and very reasonable without any "hidden costs". We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Pauline Fong-Leung
M.B.A., Notary Public,
Arbitrator, Mediator.
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